John Fann

John Fann is of German decent and I am following a lead that he arrived in the U.S. in Philadelphia in 1753 at the age of 24 or there about. Which would coincide if married upon arrival or shortly after with the dates of birth for his children. Most Germans during this time came through that port on arrival and from there were either helped to establish a lively hood in PA or they headed into VA where many German settlers made their way for a better home.

In 1766 a land grant was awarded to a John Fann in the Northern Neck of VA. Part of the Lord Fairfax Estate. On the actual bill of sale and the land survey for the sale the name is spelled Feint, which is the same spelling for his sons while in the VA 8th Regiment during the Revolutionary War. The name appears with this spelling on both pay rolls and muster rolls. But later different variations were used when the 8th was absorbed into other regiments. Not sure why when the actual deed was transcribed it was spelled out as Fann and not Feint.

John next appears on an early tax lists in Greene County TN in 1783, along with his son Phillip. The 1783 Green County Tax List, this was the first list taken for Green County. The original tax list can be viewed at the Nathanael Green Museum in Greenville, or it is suppose to be but my understanding it is not there. But I have seen two different transcriptions of this list and the name is spelled Faint and Fant.

A survey dated Oct 21st, 1783 for a land warrant, is in the name of John Fin is located on the south side of the Nolichucky River, located near Flag Branch.(I will transcribe the complete deed onto this site later) The warrant is for 100 acres. I feel confident that this is John Fann. One of the witnesses listed is Phillip Fin. I am assuming that this is John and his son Phillip. I also assume this is the plot of land that he is listed for paying taxes on for the 1783.

John died in 1791, exact date unknown, but it appears that both Phillip and George(his sons) helped to settle the estate. John's wife Margaret was still alive at his death, but her maiden name is unknown.

Minutes to August Session 1791 at p. 209 - ORDERED that the Estate of John Fann, dec'd., be sold by the Sheriff. Letters issued and Order of Sale.

at p. 214 - Margaret Fann hath leave to administer on the estate of John Fann, dec'd., took the oath of administration and entered into bond with Philip and George Fann her securities in the sum of 500 for her due administration according to law . 20 s paid. Letters issued.

John, had several children. It is believed that his sons were Phillip, George, Solomon and John(?) and atleast one daughter Cathrine. But this is still uncertian and am currently still trying to decide who all the early Fanns in Greene County belong to.


  1. Phillip Peter Fent/Fann/Fint/Faent/Faint is 4x great grandfather. I appreciate the research you have done.

    1. I am getting ready to add the info on Phillip soon. I currently transcribing pension and war records on Phillip. I should in the next week have info on him while in TN. Then hope to expand that following his move to Ohio.

  2. Phillip Fann is my 4x grandfather, as well! And hence, John is my 5x. Been trying to get more info on John/Margaret and their antecedents. Appreciate your adding to my trove! Thanks.
    Patricia Hoover Denson

  3. Phillip Fann is my 4x grandfather, as well! And hence, John is my 5x. Been trying to get more info on John/Margaret and their antecedents. Appreciate your adding to my trove! Thanks.
    Patricia Hoover Denson

  4. I hope I can help and will be updating a lot over the next few months.

  5. Looking for family of Barbara Fann, married Sept. 15, 1800 in Greene County, Tennessee to John Mackey born about 1780, Washington County, Virginia, son of Elias Mackey, born 1741, Ulster County, New York, migrated to Washington County, Virginia, the south side of the Nolichucky River in Greene County, Tennessee and last to Knox County, Kentucky. Also related in Greene County, Tennessee, John Hubbs 1773-1844 and Zephaniah Woolsey, 1740-1807.

  6. I would like to share with you. I believe that John Mackey was my 4th ggf. I descend from his son Samuel Asbury Morris mackey, married to Sarah "Sally" Woolsey. I have suspicions that Barbara Fann was Samuel's mother but that is unproven. I am anxious to share information with you.

    Lucy Silvers Moore

  7. Barbara may have been a step-mother to my Samuel.

  8. Is this website still alive and running??
    My descendent is Amos Fann. He is from Greene County. Thank you for any feedback.